My Lego Collection

Here are some pictures of my Lego collection, as it was around October, 2000. All pictures are big and fuzzy (the fuzziness is a hint that I really need to go buy a digital camera). Sorry, no thumbnails (silly Math Lab machines don't have the GIMP installed on them. . .).

This picture shows the bulk of my Castle collection, assembled for the most part as per original instructions.

Here's another view, showing the grey castles (King's Castle, Black Falcon's Fortress, and King's Mountain Fortress, as well as some smaller sets).

And here we have the black castles (Black Monarch's Castle, two Knight's Strongholds) and the boats.

1980s Lego castles use hinges and Technic pegs to permit the easy concatenation of walls from different sets. I have a picture of the extent to which my collection can do this, and close-ups of the grey castles and the black castles.

I also have a few pictures of my Star Wars Lego collection as it stood last fall. There's the whole thing, with a Classic Space snub fighter for comparison, and a close-up of the bad guys.

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