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General is the LEGO Company's official home on the Web., the Lego Users Group NETwork, is the place to go for all your Lego information needs. is the site for one of today's premier modelers in Lego. hosts the best and most complete collection of Lego set inventories on the Web. Visit. Take advantage of it. Contribute.

Themes, Frank's LEGO Castle Links Page, has all the Castle links you want (and then some).
http:/// , Robert Carney's Lego Castles, shows the work of a master., Daniel Siskind's Bloodstone Castle is, in my opinion, the best Lego castle on the Web.
From Bricks to Bothans is the preeminient Star Wars Lego site on the Web.

Market is the on-line home of Lego Shop at Home. is probably the most easy place to buy sets---but it's expensive. . ., Baylit, has the best parts selection on the Web. And the highest prices. has many vendors, so selection is good and prices are moderate, but shipping can kill you.

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