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A position that will develop my mathematical, scientific, computer, or audio skills.


Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Masters of Science August 2003
in Mathematics
GPA: 3.35

Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington
Bachelor of Arts May 2000
Majors: Mathematics and Physics
Minor: Classics
GPA: 3.877   In Majors: 3.863
Magna cum Laude

Computer Experience:

Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/XP, Unix, Linux, MacOS
Applications: LabVIEW, Maple, Igor, Filemaker Pro, Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Access, Pine
Languages: Pascal, G, Fortran 90, Java
Misc: HTML, TeX, LaTeX

Work Experience:


Instructor, Purdue University, August 2001-May 2003

Responsible for teaching and/or grading undergraduate courses in college algebra, engineering calculus, and linear algebra.
Designed and presented a semester-long course in LaTeX for Department of Mathematics staff.

Teaching Assistant, Whitman College Department of Physics, September 1999-December 1999

Responsible for assisting students in an upper-level physics laboratory class.

Computer Consultant, Whitman College Department of Mathematics, January 1999-May 2000

Responsible for assisting users and helping to maintain equipment in a Linux mathematical computer laboratory.

Research Assistant, Whitman College Department of Physics, Summers 1998 and 1999

Assisted professor in research into quantum optics; responsible for data collection, reduction, and analysis; co-authored paper on the noise properties of vertical-cavity, surface-emitting lasers.

Tutor, Whitman College Department of Physics, February 1998-May 1998

Responsible for tutoring students in introductory physics.


Summer General Manager, KWCW-FM, Summer 1999

Responsible for running the Whitman College non-profit fm radio station.

Program Director, KWCW-FM, January 1999-December 1999

Responsible for programming on the Whitman College non-profit fm radio station, including keeping records, keeping track of FCC requirements, and disciplining student DJs for violations of station policy.

News Director, KWCW-FM, September 1998-December 1998

Responsible for all advertising and public service announcements on the Whitman College non-profit fm radio station, including writing live copy, making audio carts, and maintaining records.

Audio Technician, Whitman College Department of Music, January 1997-May 2000

Responsible for making audio and visual recordings of live musical performances and lectures and setting-up and maintaining equipment

Audio Technician, First Presbyterian Church of Walla Walla, September 1996-May 2000

Responsible for controlling microphones during church services, recording services, and assisting radio broadcast of services.


Lego Sculptor, TrainBuilder Productions, LLC, August 2003-November 2003

Part of a team that produced a life-size nativity scene made of LEGO® elements for a Christmas display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows.

Orchestra Manager, Whitman College Department of Music, September 1997-May 2000

Responsible for setting up orchestra and keeping track of equipment on site and on tour, supervising equipment handlers, and assisting the conductor in both preparation for rehearsal and in rehearsal.

Temporary, Volt Temporary Services, Summer 1997

Office and retail temporary, responsible for filing and retrieval of records at the Puget Sound Blood Center and of merchandise at NikeTown Seattle.


"Noise behavior of pulsed vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers", T.W.S. Garrison, M. Beck, and D.H. Christensen. , J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 16, 2124-2130 (1999). (pdf version)

"Polarization correlations in pulsed, vertical cavity, surface-emitting lasers", D. Shelly, T. Garrison, M. Beck, and D. Christensen. Optics Express, 7, 7 (2000). (on-line edition)

Activities and Honors:

Phi Beta Kappa—elected to Whitman chapter of national honorary as a junior

Purdue University Symphony Orchestra —string bass player (August 2000-May 2003), section leader (August 2002-May 2003)

Walla Walla Symphony—string bass player (September 1998-May 2000)

Whitman College Symphony—string bass player (September 1996-May 2000), section leader (September 1997-May 2000)

Whitman College Republicans—Student Congress representative (January 1997-December 1997), president (September 1998-May 1999), treasurer (September 1999-May 2000)

Whitman Mathematical Society—founding President (January 1998-December 1998) and Student Congress representative (January 1998-December 1999)

KWCW—student-run radio station DJ (Janury 1997-May 2000) and volunteer (September 1997-May 1998)

Class of 2000 Committee—organize class activities with Alumni Office (September 1997-May 2000)

Student-Faculty Library Committee—advise Whitman College librarian (Fall 1997-May 2000)

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