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I collect Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazines. Trying to say which I need is kinda tricky (I haven't even really updated my database recently, let alone figured out how to publish it on the Web). I generally value EQMMs at at most $3 apiece (for issues I do not yet have) ($4 for issues before 1960). I don't have any of the first four issues (Fall 1941--May 1942), and those will probably cost me a lot more to get. I'm told that the second issue is especially rare (I saw it in a Seattle bookstore a few years ago for $25).

I also collect stories by Edward D. Hoch. Again, determining what is needed is tricky. There are a few relevent books on my Amazon Wish List (how do you create links to those things, anyway?).


Most of the interesting Lego sets are only available from Lego Shop-at-Home. Sets of interest: Y-Wing (10134), Durmstrang Ship (4768), Darth Vader Transformation (7251), General Grievous Chase (7255). and Ultimate Space Battle (7283).

I'm trying to be Star Wars Lego complete through 2003. Sort of. I am SW complete through 2002; for newer sets, the LUGNET Guide pages should say if I have a particular set.

Accessory packs are always good. Lego Shop-at-Home has lots, most of which should have discounts for quantities of fifteen packs or more. Stuff I could use:

Of those, probably the most needed are gray plates. Other useful stuff: straight train track (4515) and points (4531) are always good. I think the best value for track might be one of the track kits, the Deluxe (K3531).


I like Uno bars, especially the mint kind (which is presumably why those have been discontinued).

Jolt Cherry Bomb is my favourite kind of pop. The only sources I can find in the Northwest (or, really, anywhere) are Bartell's Drugs and McLendon's Hardware.

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